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Chocolate Heart Cookies

Chocolate Heart Cookies-8


Last Saturday, during lunch, my Dad said accusingly to my Mom, that if she had invited me for lunch, they would have had a dessert.

And he was right. His statement made me realize that almost always I have something sweet to share with my family and friends. Because if only two people were to eat the produce of my silent obsession, these two people, who also happen to have a big sweet tooth, would have some serious weight problems by now (even more serous that the ones already existing). And I don’t want that to happen. So,  I share. And people are starting to see me as the dessert lady. Continue reading

Blueberry and Chocolate Entremet

Blueberry&Chocolate Entremet-9


I have been thinking over and over again about this cake. I’ve been deliberating the different elements, which combined, would create the perfect treat. I made this cake for the birthday of a dear friend. And while I love to bake for special celebrations, I am also quite intimidated.

I usually put a lot of effort in coming up with, what I think, should be the most appropriate treat for the occasion. Then I compose the dessert, and generally, there are quite a lot of elements. Somehow, I always make it very complicated. And after that, I become very unsure. You see, the desserts I come up with, are usually cakes. And you can not try I cake beforehand. Sometimes I reserve a little form each layer and make a few glasses, supposed to resemble the cake, but it’s not the same. I hope that assurance comes with experience, and that I’ll get there some day.

The cake, that I came up with this time, was an Entremet. Because, in my head, when thinking about a special dessert, Entremet wins every time. And so the blueberry and chocolate entremet was born, and even though I would change some thinks when I make it again, I think that the result was quite satisfactory.

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