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Berry Birthday Cake


Berry Birthday Cake-4


Daylight saving time has happened. Yesterday we made the switch and, even though I love the result of it and the long warm days that are coming our way, today I feel bummed out. My poor body is just not meant for waking up at 6:30 AM. It is not even meant for waking up at 7:30 AM, but some how I’ve found the way to persuade it to do it. But not today, obviously 6:30 is not negotiable. The good thing is that today is almost over, and hopefully tomorrow I will enjoy a new fresh start of the new time, because summer is coming and a little sleep deprivation can’t ruin this for me. Continue reading

Blueberry and Chocolate Entremet

Blueberry&Chocolate Entremet-9


I have been thinking over and over again about this cake. I’ve been deliberating the different elements, which combined, would create the perfect treat. I made this cake for the birthday of a dear friend. And while I love to bake for special celebrations, I am also quite intimidated.

I usually put a lot of effort in coming up with, what I think, should be the most appropriate treat for the occasion. Then I compose the dessert, and generally, there are quite a lot of elements. Somehow, I always make it very complicated. And after that, I become very unsure. You see, the desserts I come up with, are usually cakes. And you can not try I cake beforehand. Sometimes I reserve a little form each layer and make a few glasses, supposed to resemble the cake, but it’s not the same. I hope that assurance comes with experience, and that I’ll get there some day.

The cake, that I came up with this time, was an Entremet. Because, in my head, when thinking about a special dessert, Entremet wins every time. And so the blueberry and chocolate entremet was born, and even though I would change some thinks when I make it again, I think that the result was quite satisfactory.

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