White Bread

White Bread-1

When I was younger, so much younger than today, when life was a party all the time, when the responsibilities were somewhat blurred, I loved to sleep a lot. When I first moved in with N, I was 20, and I was in the university. I started my first job, because we wanted to be independent and free, and my working hours were flexible. I didn’t have a problem to work all night, then go to the University, then have coffee with friends, and then sleep. A lot. Like for 12 hours straight. Life was easy. We were living for the moment, Carpe Diem. Ever since I graduated from the University, I started working full time. And the adaptation to the real life was tough. I was still trying to go out on weeknights, but waking up everyday at 7 AM and going to work where I had to be serious and concentrated was so much harder. And having time to sleep for 12 hours to compensate became almost impossible. Continue reading