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New Year's Macarons

Happy New Year!

I hope that 2014 is merrier, happier and more successful!

Let it be filled with joyful moments and fulfilled dreams,

spent time with our loved ones and

strength to follow our plans!

Here is to a magical New Year!



The Importance of the First Impression

Is the first blog post as important as the first impression? I hope not, because I’m quite sure that in time, if I come to read this I will cringe. It seems I am very shy, which I would never admit in the real life, but here I can say anything, right?

 This will be a blog about food, because food enchants me. I love to eat it, to watch it and to prepare it, especially bake it.

 This will be my diary. I will share my attempts, my fails, hopefully my success, while I experiment and develop my style.

So welcome to my world! I hope we will get to know each other. Please, be gracious and don’t judge me too harsh based on my first post, I promise I will try to make things better.

See you around!