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Peach and White Chocolate Pots

The holidays are officially over.

I had to make this statement to help me understand, and hopefully accept this fact. Because right now, I am in denial.

For the first few days of the New Year I was trying to fool myself that it is not over yet. After that I tried the “So what, it’s not big deal, everything will go back to normal, and I won’t feel it this time!” And now … Now I’m staring numb into an entire work week, which seems endless and I don’t know from where to get the strength to return to my daily routine.

Every year! The same thing!  Anticipation – Preparation – Euphoria – Hit with reality – Recovery.

Never mind, I will be better tomorrow.

Speaking of recovery, I should also recover my normal weight. But here is a thing: in my current state of mind, I simply cannot get the motivation. Besides, the specialists advise, that you should not start a diet immediately after the holidays. It will make the stress unbearable. The specialists said that, I am not qualified to argue!

So here is what I made to cope with the first days of the New Year.

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