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Berry Birthday Cake


Berry Birthday Cake-4


Daylight saving time has happened. Yesterday we made the switch and, even though I love the result of it and the long warm days that are coming our way, today I feel bummed out. My poor body is just not meant for waking up at 6:30 AM. It is not even meant for waking up at 7:30 AM, but some how I’ve found the way to persuade it to do it. But not today, obviously 6:30 is not negotiable. The good thing is that today is almost over, and hopefully tomorrow I will enjoy a new fresh start of the new time, because summer is coming and a little sleep deprivation can’t ruin this for me. Continue reading

Chocolate Salami Cake

Chocolate Salami Cake-6

This recipe is old, very old. It’s been around way before I showed up, and my mother, and my grandmother. I grew up with it, and until this very day this is the one of the most popular and classical deserts around here. I have seen similar recipes in Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Russian and all kind of sites, and initially I was a little shaken that other nations do it too, and that the origin of the recipe is probably from another country. But when you live in a small country, located on a crossroad between Europe and Asia, a lot of diverse cultures influence the cooking, living, and habits, expanding our horizons and becoming a part of our nature.

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