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  • We are back from Turkey and I can’t stop thinking about our next travel destination. The beach, or the mountain, or a new city maybe? What do you think? Maybe we will be able to get away for a long weekend at the end of July. I hope so, fingers crossed.

  • I have gained a few kilos which I should get rid of as fast as possible, otherwise they are bound to stay.
  • My house is a mess, a real mess I mean. The luggage is everywhere – clothes, bathing suits, hats and souvenirs are scattered around, I haven’t cleaned anything and the pile of laundry is taller than me. Going back to work right after the vacation and my birthday, didn’t give me any time to put our lives back in order. But I am full of impressions and ideas, I feel excited and uplifted, vacations tend to do that to me.
  •  I can’t stop listening to this song!
  • I haven’t baked anything in a fortnight and I am starting to miss it. I came back with a big cookbook on Turkish cuisine so expect some Turkish treats soon. I also have a couple of new books, gifts for my birthday, so I think that great things are about to be baked. Soon.


  • This year my birthday brought me a lot of Liliums. I love these flowers, they are so beautiful and have the most intoxicating fragrance.

untitled-4 untitled-5

  • I have a new handbag. Also a gift. It is a bright red color and it’s lacquer. I would have never bought it myself, because I like to play it safe, mainly gravitating around black and white, but now that I have it, I actually like it. Do you know how to wear a red purse and look chick, not silly? I really like the combination of red, white and navy. Any other suggestions? I am afraid I will look silly… I always am. I have an issue…


I will be back soon with vacation photos and hopefully a new recipe.

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