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Мini Peach and Cherry Pies

Mini Peach and Cherry Pies - Baking After Dark

I know I said that I was done with the cherry recipes, and I am sorry that I misled you, but I really thought their season was over. Turns out I was wrong. And how good it feels to have them around for a little longer!These mini peach and cherry pies are a no-brainer. They are a very easy breakfast, that’s what they are. I’ve been leaning towards easy treats lately with all the heat and relaxed mood that the summer brings. Continue reading

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Cherry Jam

Cherry Jam- Baking After Dark

I think this jam comes as a natural ending to all the cherry recipes that have been happening around here. Continue reading

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Cherry Mousse Chocolate Cake

Cherry Mousse Chocolate Cake - Baking After Dark

Life ain’t fair. For example this is one of the best cakes I’ve had in a long time, yet the pictures didn’t turn out as I intended. At all. I was in a rush and I had to take them quickly. Here is a word of advise from me: Don’t take pictures under pressure unless you really know what you are doing! Continue reading

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