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Fudgy Almond Brownies

Fudgy Brownies with Almonds-1

As I have already mentioned, we had a lot of holidays last week. We spent the time in the city where I was born, in my grandmother’s house. Continue reading

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One Evening, Three Types of Cookies


Three Types of Cookies-11


I am a pleaser. I like to please people. This actually comes natural with the fact that I love to bake, because when you bake – you share.

And I love to please the people close to my heart.

Continue reading

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March First and Roll-Out Cookies


Baba Marta-1


It is March first, and I don’t know about the rest of the world, but in Bulgaria this is a big deal. On the March first we celebrate the beginning of the spring and the revival of the nature. The month is named Baba Marta, who is a grumpy old lady, which mood swings, thus causing constant changes in the weather. Continue reading

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Chocolate Heart Cookies

Chocolate Heart Cookies-8


Last Saturday, during lunch, my Dad said accusingly to my Mom, that if she had invited me for lunch, they would have had a dessert.

And he was right. His statement made me realize that almost always I have something sweet to share with my family and friends. Because if only two people were to eat the produce of my silent obsession, these two people, who also happen to have a big sweet tooth, would have some serious weight problems by now (even more serous that the ones already existing). And I don’t want that to happen. So,  I share. And people are starting to see me as the dessert lady. Continue reading

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Peanuts and Chocolate Shortbread

Chocolate and Peanuts Shortbread-1

These bars happened, because I needed something quick an easily transportable to bring to work. Besides, after last weeks tangle with this “no fuss” cake, I needed a break.

So I made these, and I can describe them with three words: easy, rich and heavy. Which I usually don’t mind, except that I’ve been trying to cut down calories. It obviously didn’t happen here. Continue reading

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