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Мini Peach and Cherry Pies

Mini Peach and Cherry Pies - Baking After Dark

I know I said that I was done with the cherry recipes, and I am sorry that I misled you, but I really thought their season was over. Turns out I was wrong. And how good it feels to have them around for a little longer!These mini peach and cherry pies are a no-brainer. They are a very easy breakfast, that’s what they are. I’ve been leaning towards easy treats lately with all the heat and relaxed mood that the summer brings. Continue reading

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The Daring Bakers – Praline Rolls

Praline Rolls - Baking After Dark

We are going to Turkey tomorrow! I could not be more excited! 7 full days of sunny beaches, water fun, nice views, historical places and last, but not least majestic food are coming my way. I can not wait anymore! Continue reading

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Strawberry Muffins with Streusel Topping

Strawberry Muffins with Streusel Topping-1

I find myself leaning towards easy, no fuss, baking projects lately. I don’t know if it’s some kind of belated spring fatigue, but I definitely crave moments of complete relaxation and soothing drinks. My energy and inspiration are on very low settings right now. But because I have a new life strategy, quoting that the only sweets I am allowed to consume, are the ones I personally make, it is vital to keep baking. Really vital, if you know what I mean. ;) Continue reading

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Yeasted Pancakes or Blini




It’s a gloomy Sunday morning. And while I usually dream for a sunny weekend, there is some comfort in being home with the person you love, staying warm, while watching the cold weather outside, drinking hot coffee, and of course preparing a cozy breakfast. I find the homemade breakfast is really vital for this type of situations. And in our home, nothing is more welcome for breakfast than pancakes. And that is true for any day, but Sundays … well we need it more than ever. Because Sundays are hard, with the weekend quickly going to an end, and the work week slowly immersing in our minds. Continue reading

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Strawberry Doughnut Muffins


Strawberry Donut Muffins-9


For the past 2 years I’ve been buying food magazines with a surprising, for my usually volatile nature, consistency, some may even call it a manic obsession or something. However, I live in a country where no large variety of food publications is available, so I cherish everything I can get my hands on.

Continue reading

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