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The Daring Bakers – Praline Rolls

Praline Rolls - Baking After Dark

We are going to Turkey tomorrow! I could not be more excited! 7 full days of sunny beaches, water fun, nice views, historical places and last, but not least majestic food are coming my way. I can not wait anymore! Continue reading

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Cherry Mousse Chocolate Cake

Cherry Mousse Chocolate Cake - Baking After Dark

Life ain’t fair. For example this is one of the best cakes I’ve had in a long time, yet the pictures didn’t turn out as I intended. At all. I was in a rush and I had to take them quickly. Here is a word of advise from me: Don’t take pictures under pressure unless you really know what you are doing! Continue reading

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Cherry Almond Clafoutis

Cherry Almond Clafoutis - Baking After Dark

Clafoutis is the French tribute to cherries. It is a fusion of a custard and cake and is one of the best spring desserts. The texture is very light, yet creamy and the juicy cherries compliment beautifully the sweetness of the batter.

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White Bread

White Bread-1

When I was younger, so much younger than today, when life was a party all the time, when the responsibilities were somewhat blurred, I loved to sleep a lot. When I first moved in with N, I was 20, and I was in the university. I started my first job, because we wanted to be independent and free, and my working hours were flexible. I didn’t have a problem to work all night, then go to the University, then have coffee with friends, and then sleep. A lot. Like for 12 hours straight. Life was easy. We were living for the moment, Carpe Diem. Ever since I graduated from the University, I started working full time. And the adaptation to the real life was tough. I was still trying to go out on weeknights, but waking up everyday at 7 AM and going to work where I had to be serious and concentrated was so much harder. And having time to sleep for 12 hours to compensate became almost impossible. Continue reading

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Double Chocolate Cherry Muffins

Double Chocolate Cherry Muffins -3

Strawberries are yesterday’s news, because right now I am head over heels in love with cherries. I love all fruits, maybe as a compensation for my detest for vegetables, but the sweet, juicy cherry is one of my favorite. And right know they are starting to show up in every store, on very street. Continue reading

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